Sabra Hermassi

Sabra Hermassi

Embedded software engineer, Telnet Holding

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En poste chez Telnet Holding (sfax)

Précédents : BeanAir, Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (ISSAT), ALTRONIC-Tunisia, Montplaisir, Tunis , Oxygen Aeronautics, ENISo, Sousse , The Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG), Sousse


Précédents : National Engineering School Of Sousse (ENISo), Preparatory School For Engineering Study Of Monastir (EPEIM), Pioneer School Of Sousse (LPS)


    En résumé

    I am an embedded system engineer with a big passion for electronics and embedded systems. Being eager to learn with an open mind and a willingness to face challenges, I want to integrate an exiting environment in where I can expand my knowledge and be part of the development of cutting edge technologies.


Embedded software engineer

Chez Telnet Holding (sfax)

De avril 2015 à aujourd'hui
PROJECT : Development of Electronic Banking solutions, Client : Ingenico Germany - Performing End To End tests on Express Pay cards after implementation - Migration from Telium-2 to Telium-Plus platform - Flexible Ssl/Tls Handling - Unit testing/ Integration testing / Bug fixing/ HLD ...
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Embedded Developement Engineer

Chez BeanAir

De juillet 2014 à mars 2015
PROJECT 1 : Wireless Sensor Networks : SpaceNet project - Memory drivers (SRAM, FRAM, FLASH) - Store and Forward Manager Implementation - Establishing motherboard-daughterboard communication (Clock Synchronization) PROJECT 2 : Wireless Sensor Networks : Space Wireless project - Middleware ...
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Electronics Professor

Chez Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (ISSAT)

De janvier 2014 à juin 2014
Management of five groups of sixteen students each Preparation and teaching labs and classes of: - C programming of PIC microcontrollers using the testing platform EasyPic v7, - Assembly programming of NXP processors with Keil μvision4’s software, - VHDL synthesis on FPGA Nexys2 Proposal ...
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Graduation Project

Chez ALTRONIC-Tunisia, Montplaisir, Tunis

De mars 2013 à octobre 2013
PROJECT : Study and design of a drone’s motherboard - Control of a brushless motor, four servomotors, XBEE PRO1 modules, sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, barometer, temperature sensor) ENVIRONMENT AND LANGUAGES: Altium Designer, Embedded C, STM32F100RBT6, PCB design, Keil µvision4, ...
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National Engineering School Of Sousse (ENISo), Sousse

Electronics Engineer, Design of electronic systems

De septembre 2009 à octobre 2013
Member in the Humanitarian comittee of « Eurêka » association within ENISo Missions: Organization of several charity acts in the nursing home and the orphan children's village in Sousse

Engineer Internship

Chez Oxygen Aeronautics, ENISo, Sousse

De juin 2012 à juillet 2012

Initiation Internship

Chez The Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas (STEG), Sousse

De juillet 2011 à août 2011


  • Altium Designer
  • Assembler
  • Automates programmables
  • C
  • C Programming Language
  • C++
  • Communication skills
  • Comsol Multiphysics
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