Med Walid Gouiaa

Med Walid Gouiaa

Project Manager & Chief Civil Engineer, BOUCHAMAOUI A&R INDUSTRIES BI

TUNIS, Tunisie

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Ses compétences

  • Béton armé
  • ERP
  • Génie civil
  • Géotechnique
  • Industrialisation
  • Parasismique
  • Pétrole
  • Project management
  • Voyage

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  • Arabe
    ****Langue maternelle
  • Français
  • Anglais
  • Allemand

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    Work experience
    Dates:01/07/2011 →
    Occupation : Project Manager & Chief Civil Engineer
    Main activities and responsibilities:
    Project: SNDP GPL Depot – Ghannouche Industrial Area – Tunisia.
    In charge of all civil works activities related to the EPC Contract of SNDP GPL Depot 6 spheres and related fluid movement facilities. 86 M€ Project.
    Management of project subcontracting process from prequalification, preparation of bidders list in accordance with approved policies and procedures.
    Call for tender analysis Technical and commercial negotiations.
    Management of Change Process, balancing the priorities of Quality, Cost and Schedule in managing the Contractors.
    Management for close-out and claims resolutions.
    01/07/2011 → 30/05/2012
    Project Manager
    Project: High Voltage Power Line 150 KV
    High Voltage tower installation including civil work, tower erection and cable stringing of 83 Km of 150KV Single Circuit Line Mdhila/Tozeur.
    Contract award and post award on site administration.
    Approval of monthly progress reports and invoices
    Follow-up of the progress and inspection of works undertaken on site in compliance with required quality and project schedule.
    Coordinate the project communication with client and sub-contractors.
    Conduct site meetings.
    Management of the site construction works and teams.
    Name of employer :BOUCHAMAOUI A&R INDUSTRIES (Tunisia)
    Type of business: Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication and Construction services to the Oil & Gas Industry, HV Electrical Power Supply and Industrial Installations

    Dates: 01/06/2010 - 30/06/2011
    Occupation: Structural engineer (bridges and tunnels)
    Main activities and responsibilities:
    Control Mission, monitoring and technical assistance work.
    Study and structural analysis of an upper deck slab RC.
    Study and structural analysis of a composite work Bowstring.
    Implementation studies of the bearing device and the foundations.
    Study and structural analysis of an upper deck curved slab RC with pronounced bias .
    Verification and consideration of the bearing capacity of several constructive works on road routes to pass by exceptional convoys (Gabes-Hazoua port of Rades-Borj Cedria, Port of Rades-Menzel Bourguiba).
    Name and address : Le Consultant Ingénierie LCI (Tunisia)
    Type of business :Technical assistance & support

    Dates : 01/08/2009 - 30/05/2010
    Occupation : Civil engineer
    Main activities and responsibilities :
    * Member of the project Steering Committee for the establishment of an integrated management solution ERP - Function method and industrialization:
    Functioning Analysis of the various departments of the company.
    Elaboration of key processes and their optimization to obtain the target processes of the company.
    Development of classifications and lines of production.
    Design and implementation of a stock management solution
    Participation in the development of the specifications required for the ERP solution.
    * Site Engineer:
    Assignment on the construction project of the Royal Son Bou Hotel (4stars) in Kélibia La Blanche.
    Development of work planning and monitoring its implementation
    Monitoring and on-site supervision of the work execution.
    Inventories monitoring and supply development programs.
    Management of outsourcing contracts.
    Name : Construction and Building Society SOCOBAT (Tunisia)
    Type of business: Civil and Industrial Construction

    Dates:01/02/2009 - 30/06/2009
    Occupation : Trainee Engineer
    Main activities and responsibilities : Project Graduation:
    Seismic Study in accordance with the PS92 rules of the power station of Ennfidha airport in Tunisia .
    Design and finite element modelling of 3D frames.
    Design of deep foundations.
    Dynamic study of the building structure.
    Preparation of formwork and reinforcement plans of the structure. (Finite element modelling, pile foundations, dynamic study).
    Name : Central Company for the country's development SCET TUNISIE (Tunisia)
    Type of business :Building, Agricultural and Rural Development, Environment and Transport

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