Jamel Abdelhak

Jamel Abdelhak

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Enthusiast. Looking for a Data Scienc

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Précédents : Targa consult, Netformica, Marquardt, Yazaki Europe


    En résumé

    Actually Industrial Engineer, I intend to continue my studies in the domain of Data Science. I am looking for a Data Science internship.


Internship Data Science

Chez Targa consult

De mars 2018 à août 2018
Contribution to the development of Scoring system. Data analysis and visualization. Evaluation the risks of a bank credit by applying machine learning techniques. Creating an R Shiny application.

Internship ERP consultant

Chez Netformica

De juin 2017 à août 2017
Analyzing of all customer functional needs. Preparing the required analyses and documents. Configuration and development of specific modules for customers needs. Elaboration of dashboards for performance management. Reporting, Formation and Support.


Chez Marquardt

De juin 2016 à juillet 2016
-Production planning and scheduling according to the customer demand. -Implementation of BEST PRACTICE solutions in order to increase the productivity of the production lines : ✓ Marking the crane track for each injection press. ✓ Documentation of the process sheet for each mold. ✓ Standardization ...
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Chez Yazaki Europe

De janvier 2016 à avril 2016
Establishment of a production leveling system (HEIJUNKA). Creating an application for production smoothing. Planning and scheduling of production according to the forecastion demand. Development of a planning dashboard to improve leveling achievement.