Khalil Gdoura

Khalil Gdoura

Data Scientist / Digital Strategist

Tunis, Tunisia

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His background

  • Today
    February 2017

    Information Designer (service provider)

    Institut Tunisien des Etudes Stratégiques

    Mission: Tunisia in 2025 is a global strategic study which aims at providing a full diagnosis, a strategic vision along with different approaches and actions covering six topics: State and Institutions, Defense and Security, Economy and sustained Development, Social Contract, Education and Culture and Foreign Affairs. My task is to make the 200 pages report easy to read and to navigate, through information design and editorial design techniques.
  • Today
    November 2016

    Information Designer

    Democracy Reporting International DRI

    Missions: Turning legal concepts and texts into easy-to-read infographics which must be included in a didactic book about the local elections and the decentralization process. DRI institution aims at providing journalists and media with insightful and understandable material to cover these topics in the best way possible, far from any confusion or misunderstanding. This project is a part of the second phase of the program "New Constitution Application in Tunisia", supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.
  • Today
    June 2012

    Founder & Data journalist

    Website :
    Tunelyz is a local news website which is challenged by the huge and daily amounts of data and rumors. The website aims at bringing insightful data and articles to nationwide readers.

    Products of the website :
    - Data visualization using infographics and advanced charts.
    - Checking and mining insights from public notices and datasets, government budget, and more.
  • Today
    February 2011

    Local Partner

    Local website :
    - Media partnership : releasing reports and facts about Facebook usage in Tunisia
    - Watchfullness : updating latest brands and media on Facebook on Socialbakers listings.
  • Today
    January 2010

    Co-Founder & Digital Planner

    Website :
    - Online marketing through netlinking, Social media optimization and sponsored links (Google Adwords)
    - Copywriting for advertisers and PR agencies.
    - Planning feminine related events, building win-win partnerships with media and brands.
    - Web Analytics to improve website usability, optimize marketing plans and argue advertising bids.
  • Today
    June 2015
    April 2014

    Data analyst and visualizer

    Democracy International - MENA Office

    Democracy International helps civil society and electoral authorities efforts building trust in the electoral process whose assessment is highlighted using data mining and visualization techniques. Election data come E-Day insights and long-term observation as well, covering the different parts (and not only parties) concerned by the election operation. Projects are supported by DI along with its partners, and are conceived and executed by Mourakiboun, a leading citizen network nationwide and across new born democracies since 2011.
  • Today
    April 2015
    May 2014

    Data Analyst

    Global Productions

    "Meli Melek" is an innovative media project which aims to introduce basic economic questions, issues and possible solutions suggested by national experts and experiences worldwide. Statistical data has to be media friendly, matching formats as different as infographics and short documentary films across talk programs, live debates and digital media.
  • Today
    November 2014
    July 2013

    Data Visualization Offcier Partner at Friedrich Ebert Foundation

    Friedrich-Ebert Foundation - Tunis Office

    Contributing in a project powered by Friedrich-Ebert Foundation - Tunis and Al Bawsala citizen association (advocating more transparency in the first democratically elected parliament in Tunisia).

    The output - infographics and motion graphics - aims at bringing a clear view of the different stages and odds during Tunisia's constitutional process as well as the new Charter principles and rules.

    This ongoing experience has succeeded to bring together legal experts and information design, for a better understanding of the legal framework among fervent debates in the revolutionary country.
  • Today
    January 2012

    Co-Founder & Columnist

    Website :
    I contribute in:
    - Writing reviews about latest web habits on Tunisia : social marketing practices, e-commerce channels, new media, etc.
    - Writing tutorials for a better usage of web technologies : search engine optimization, online productivity solutions, etc.
    - Building partnership with brands which like to try new marketing tactics to improve their reputation and sales.
  • Today

    SEO Agent

    ABC Webmarketing

    - Website audit and performance analysis
    - Link Building and Social Marketing
    - Copywriting (SEO)
  • , El Manar (Campus Universitaire El Manar)

    Maths - Physics (MP)
    Juin 2006 : National Contest for entry to engineering studies
  • Collège SADIKI


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His skills

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Technical Writing
  • SMO
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Gestion des connaissances
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Datamining
  • Data Visualization
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Web analytics

His languages

  • Arabic
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • French
  • German

    His hobbies

    Writing Drawing Travelling Stamp collecting Programming challenges Chess

    About him


    I followed statistical engineering studies open to various professional areas. Though, I was particularly interested in the digital industry and happily started as an e-marketer for two reasons:

    - There is a plethora of available, measurable and instant data to help web based businesses, bringing accurate answers to questions like: How do Internet users interact with ads? How do they use an online shopping cart? What do they say about a brand?
    - I was tempted to invest in the world wide web, as it is low cost and provides a wide range of creative business ideas.

    In 2010, I co-founded, along with a digital artist, a cultural ezine, Tounsia, linking women community nationwide and abroad. This portal is concerned with several themes such as society and citizen feminism, not to forget lifestyle niches in the hope to increase chances to monetize the project. It is now 5 years old. Constant updates upon webdesign, editorial guidelines and business model had to be done to match both community and advertisers expectations. Community has been growing around a project which has slowly turned into a hub of talents, opinions and actions. Branding has been a passionate and an evolutionary challenge.

    This is why I am eager to exchange with web entrepreneurs. In 2012, I co-launched a web critics ezine, with a focus on new startups and digital economy challenged to democratize e-commerce, to promote e-tourism, etc.

    Last years, Tunisian people and media have been increasingly interested in socio-economic insights stirring fervent debates around political programs. I wondered how to use both my statistical background and my passion for the online media. The answer was so close: More and more data-journalism blogs were rising across the web producing and/or visualizing data. I was incited to start which evolved thanks to readers suggestions and questions, and to the support of engaged citizens and NGOs promoting open democracy.

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